Looking for a Property Management Company in Summit County?

Property Management Company in Summit County

As a real estate company with three service branches—real estate brokerage, residential leasing, and property management—we’ve got you covered!

Dwell Summit maintains an owner-oriented, full-service approach to property management, and provides property management services for residential properties in Summit County, Colorado. Utilizing the most current and effective advertising strategies, our team will market a long-term leasing solution for your rental property in Breckenridge, Blue River, Frisco, and Silverthorne. We’d love nothing more than to provide a way for you to enjoy the benefits of a successful investment, and we believe that the best way to achieve maximum profit potential is by allowing a professional property management services company to manage your property. In short, our Dwell Summit team will make owning a high-quality investment property as stress free as possible!

At Dwell Summit, we believe that the value of the property management services we provide is delivered in the form of higher rents, better tenants, and less vacancy, and we keep our focus on eliminating the everyday difficulties of property ownership for our clients. We also believe in offering a personalized approach to management, and seek to build relationships based on a high level of trust with our owners via our superior property management services.

Our Dwell Summit team offers two different levels of property management services to our clients:

Monthly Full-Service Property Management

Monthly full-service property management is our most popular option. Our intent at Dwell Summit is to allow you to be a hands-free owner and to give you the tools you need to be a successful landlord—that’s where the term “full-service” comes into play. Our custom-tailored management approach allows you to choose how involved you would like to be as an owner. It’s up to us to ensure that you are completely comfortable with the process, an objective we take seriously.

You can rest assured knowing that Dwell Summit has extensive experience in:

  • Property marketing, including digital marketing on both a local and national level
  • Credit screening, credit reporting, and background checks
  • Lease preparation, negotiation, and signing
  • Security deposit collection
  • Inbound and outbound call management

Once a tenant has been secured, Dwell Summit will manage important day-to-day aspects of your leased rental property including collecting the rent, ensuring that checks clear, handling maintenance issues, and ensuring that tenants follow the terms and conditions of the lease. This means that Dwell Summit will act as the point of contact for your tenant—in other words, while our phone rings, you’ll be free to pursue the activities that make your heart sing.

The standard fees for this full-service level of management for properties located in Breckenridge, Blue River, and Frisco are as follows: a leasing fee of one-half of a month’s rent for finding the tenant, as well as a management fee of 10% of the monthly rental proceeds. For properties in Silverthorne and the Lake Dillon area, the leasing fee is three-fourths of a month’s rent, and the management fee is 12.5% of the monthly proceeds.

Additional property management services we provide to owners:

  • Complimentary consultation to evaluate property and determine optimal rental amount
  • Recommendations of required maintenance to get property in move-in ready condition
  • Documented credit and background screening of applicants
  • Move-in inspection of property
  • Monthly statements and distributions

And we also:

  • Advise our owners on security deposit distribution
  • Manage and oversee move-out repairs
  • Retain legal services as necessary (at owner’s cost)

Leasing Only

If you choose to hire Dwell Summit as your “leasing agent,” this simply means that we will find a tenant for you. Local owners who have experience managing tenants, as well as the time needed to deal with the day­ to day issues associated with being a landlord, are typically the clients who take advantage of this level of service.

As your leasing agent, Dwell Summit will handle the first five items listed under our “Full­Service Property Management” option, and from there, we’ll turn the process over to you. The fee to hire Dwell Summit as your leasing agent is the equivalent of a full month’s rent.

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